Candid Childhood

Something striking occurred to me recently - something obvious but powerful just the same.  My kids' lives have been documented through photos and videos almost in real time.  That's the times we live in, I suppose, when technology allows us to capture every moment, plus the fact that I am a photographer by profession, and of course, because my inherit desire to turn the ordinary into an extraordinary and thus to deal with the present challenges of motherhood.

Either way, the phenomenon is unprecedented; when the boys grow up they will have accumulated an archive of probably millions of images and clips showing...literally everything they've been through.  Their very birth, their first steps and words and days in school.  I still don't know if that's good, but I guess that it can't be bad since it's done with so much love.  And that is guaranteed.  I don't use my kids as props.  I just follow them around and shoot my cameras, and I chase the light, always.  

A few random shots from the last few days:


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