Seven Years Later...

...and the party still goes on!

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary.  

It is wonderful, simply wonderful - being Mr &Mrs Pfeiffer, sharing past memories and future hopes, raising two precious children together, having inside jokes and a secret language, being just us against the world, arguing and laughing and needing each other, building a home, supporting one another in our ambitions, sticking together through adversity, accepting each other for who we are but also inspiring each other to be better, following a routine and breaking it to have an adventure, making love and holding hands, compromising and doing grand gestures, being all lovie-dovie and kissy-kissy to the embarrassment of the boys, getting older together and staying goofy and childish always, forever kind and respectful and true to each's wonderful, all of it.

When it comes to family affairs, perhaps you can get better advice from someone who's been married for longer than John and I, yet I have one for you (be it unsolicited):  Talk about it.  Communication keeps a relationship healthy because it is the most simple and basic prerequisite for intimacy.  So there you have it.  John and I have been through thick and thin, and I have discovered that if we are able to talk about anything, then we can also probably do anything together.

I love John so much I won't even try to explain it here; I'll share a few photos of our anniversary date instead. 

We left the kids with their dear Baba Nadia (who deserves a big shout out for being the greatest substitute Mommy/Third Parent ever) and went out and about in downtown of San Carlos for a late lunch at a French eatery with red wine and the obligatory crème brûlée desert.  We also went to a  fancy furniture store pretending to look for light fixtures only to take random fun photos inside.

All images taken with my Nikon and the fish eye lens for iPhone.

P.S. Our engagement photos here.

(Thank you, kind stranger on Laurel Street, for allowing me to take your photo just because I liked your shiny reflecting sunglasses!)



  1. страшно сте сладки... и много влюбени ♥
    прегръдки от сърце...

    1. Алекс, благодаря, много си мила и добра! Целувки!!!!


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