Hot Child in the City

Today I decided to do something different so I went to work along with John only to immediately abandon him at the office and to explore the neighborhood.  It's been many months since I last visited the city and this was quite the experience.  

South of Market was a total sensory overload.  The process of gentrification has turned it to a jolly mix of equal parts entrepreneurial tech operations, small and rundown industrial businesses, hipster eateries, and homeless people.  I wish this was a simplified generalization, but it's not. 

I didn't even take as many photos as I could have if I wasn't too busy staring everywhere at once and simply enjoying being out and about, sans kids.  The fact that I am still in fair amount of pain post-surgery and that I was wearing heels (?!?) did nothing to stop me from walking from the Atlassian office all the way to Union Square and back, while having copious amounts of coffee.

There's an interesting paradox in my life - I am very comfortable in the big city, yet I am a country girl by heart...but I live in the suburbs.  I am truly out of practice when it comes to navigating through an urban jungle (it's been 5 years since I lived in London and almost 9 since I left Sofia) and while I miss the diversity, history and culture of the metropolis (all the while complaining how dull and numbing suburbia is), I've got to be honest - I do not appreciate the pollution, overcrowding, and the stress of the city.  

And San Francisco, like all big cities, is definitely not immune to any of that.  I find it funny that it is praised for its liberal, artsy heart, for it's picture perfect streets and frou-frou upscale homes and hipster restaurants and famous landmarks, but no one seems too eager to discuss the fact that at any given moment you can encounter some half-mad, high on meth guy running towards you with his junk hanging out, screaming obscenities and throwing shoes at the passing cars (yes, this happened to me today, and it was terrifying).  I have never seen so many homeless people in my life...and I am from Bulgaria. 

I guess what I am trying to say that I am getting to know San Francisco better, and it is an honest relationship that sees through the lustrous façade of things.  There's more to this city than the cute touristy stuff, there are real social conflicts and human struggles and a character that's still developing and finding itself.

Here are the images I took today, enjoy and Happy Friday!



  1. много се радвам, че си имала малко me time, и то из Сан Франциско :)
    снимките са страшно шарени и интересни :) това Depresso направо сцепи мрака, много гот лол :)
    целия ден ли прекара там? дано скоро пак да имаш възможност...

    1. Бях там само за няколко часа, малко се напънах, още имам болки от операцията и не трябваше да ходя толкова дълго...но беше добре за мен от емоционална гледна точка :) От тук нататък само с децата ще мога да ходя, но нямам против, СФ винаги е красив :)


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