Big Baby

Julian has been very demanding lately, mainly because he's at an age where he wants to do many things, but lacks the motor control to do them.  And that's when I come into play.  I feel like Krang's exo-suit from TMNT.  Julian points his pudgy little hand in this and that direction, makes some cute noise, and I must carry him around or help him get up when he plops on his bottom, to hand him things he can't reach, and generally be at his beck and call on his mission to total world domination.  Good times.

Well, this weekend Daddy gets to play this role, and I am enjoying the action from the sidelines.  There have been so many posts with photos from my phone lately, but sorry not sorry - it is the best tool to use when trying to capture two kid in ever motion.

Here's Julian trying to run/jump/catch something while wearing a Bear ensemble - a gift from his Aunt.


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