The Little Things

It's Macro Friday!

I am not sure this is a thing, but I really felt like shooting today.  And because there wasn't anything of note to happen, or something interesting to see, I used my macro lens to get closer and examine a few mundane objects around the house in a (hopefully) new light.

In order of appearance:

A rainbow paper honeycomb decoration, the stove's clock, blooming succulents, sand, a homegrown plum, more succulents, orange tree leaf, dry corn, tree bark, plum tree leaves (and bokeh), a  piece of grapefruit, iPhone's camera app logo, tattooed skin, my Father-in-law's beard (white), my husband's beard (red), my children's hair (both golden-ginger), Johnny's eye (detail), abalone shell, my patriotic stars-and-stripes mug, a dog's nose, a dog's eye reflecting yours truly.

All images are SOOC, aside of having been converted to .jpeg in Lightroom plus crop and slight sharpening.

Happy 4th of July Weekend, peeps!!!!


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