Lens Love

When I want to experiment with different techniques I usually rent a lens.  This can be pricey at times, so I decided to combine two of my great loves - mobile photography and online shopping.  I had my new detachable iPhone lenses delivered yesterday, and for the small price of $12 I got a wide angle+macro and a fisheye.  Below are some test shots I took on spot, plus one from the trip to the Japanese Gardens.

Now, I expected that the fisheye would have a more prominent distortion effect, a but like the one of a toy camera, but I still like it the way it is.  I used square format for those, and for the macro.  The macro lens blew me away, I'd say that aside of a small loss in resolution, the quality is pretty amazing and even better than my Sigma DSLR lens in certain conditions.  

The wide angle is okay, I'd probably use it when I shoot panoramas for even bigger view:






  1. страхотно изглеждат и фишай, и макро кадрите... къде се закрепят тия обективи на телефона? аз сериозно съм се замислила за айфон най-накрая, трябва ми мобилен фотоапарат и това си е лол... сега разбирам, че към него може да се слагат и обективи значи... много интересно...


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