It's A Boob Thing

Those who know me well also know that being subtle isn't my forte, so I'm going to save you some beating around the bush and just go out right and say it:

I had a boob job.

Only it would sound more like OMG I HAD A BOOB JOB, because while I actually made my boobs smaller it is all a big huge deal.  I feel all sorts of things, from exhilaration and renewed confidence to bouts of identity crisis and anxiety, but I mostly feel pain and itching.  It's as if someone has high-fived me.  In the chest.  With a chair.  All things considered, however, recovery is going very well, and barring some bruising and scary-looking scars, the results are satisfactory.  

My boobs have never looked more fierce and fabulous, the baby weight is coming off, my Mom is here to help us out for a while, it is summer, the kids are healthy, we got some radically good news regarding our future family plans, and things are looking mighty up.  I am sorry that I haven't had the chance to take more photos and share stories more often with you guys, but this I couldn't leave out.  It's a sort of pure, happy, life-changing state I want to shout from rooftops about. (Also, I was on prescription drugs until this morning, which might have a minor contribution to my desire to shout things from rooftops).

Anyway, I've reached critical mass and I think you will like what you see here from now on.  Not that a boob job can single-handedly give one the inspirational boost of their life, no.  I worked very hard in the past few years to get here and I feel that the drastic improvements in my health and personal lifestyle also greatly affect my ability to do art more freely, bravely, from a genuine point of creation.  So stay tuned and do continue to give me your precious feedback!

Here are a few shots from the walk I took with JohnX2 this morning. Oh, and I am on Instagram again....


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