Best of iPphonography: Bathtime

I just realized that, for almost two years now, I've been showcasing my mobile photo work exclusively on Instagram, and since I don't have that account anymore it is time to share my favorite iPhone images here.  The iPhone camera is a wonderful thing - you can just whip it out of your pocket and capture everyday miracles quite nicely.  And with the help of Afterlight and VSCOcam the images could be made to look truly exquisite.

Today I will post collections of my most successful and dear iPhone images, for your viewing pleasure, and as a sort of a trip down memory lane for me.  Johnny is just a little baby in some of these!  There are also certain reoccurring themes - I tend to photograph the same things over and over again...and I am loving it!

And because I am on hiatus at the moment, it is fun to remember a few of my high points in the ever-lasting chasing of the light.

This is the bathtime edition. Enjoy!


Greatest Hits