Best of iPhonography: Me, Myself and I

I don't take as many self-portraits these days, but I enjoy remembering some of these for a simple reason:  

Every time you guys feel like you are getting old, or out of shape, or unattractive, take a picture and take a look at it a few months later.  With a bit of perspective you will surely see that none of this was true.  It's surprising how critical we tend to be to ourselves when in fact we look just fine. You will be reminded that beauty and happiness are nothing but a state of mind, and that a smile or a silly hat can go a long way to make us feel better.

Unless, you know, you are told to smile. 

P.S.  My personal insecurities are my crooked teeth, my right profile, my rather large behind, and the dark circles under my eyes.  That being said, I never ever let those things stop me from feeling confident in my own skin.

Taken at the memorial displaying a piece of the Berlin Wall in front of the Mountain View Public Library.


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