Steady As He Goes

Julian is 10 months old today.  These are not the sharpest portraits I've taken of him, but they show two things well enough - he's becoming cuter yet, and he's standing up!  That's practically all he does now, he looks cute and he hangs from furniture, trying to cruise around and get the cat.

We're hoping to make it to the San Mateo Fair this Saturday, so stay tuned.

Happy (almost) Friday, peeps!


  1. много чаровен ♥ и той и баткото, прекрасни :) да са ти/ви живи и здрави слънчицата, Боби :) а тези портрети са за стената в рамка... !!

    1. Толкова ме радват коментарите ти, винаги пълни с любов! Благодаря, знаеш децата в крайна сметка са най-голямото богатство :))) Целувки на твоите красиви юнаци Ники и Огнян :)


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