Fail Again, Fail Better

I have been sick in the past two weeks, cooped up at home, miserable and isolated, my bed - my only refuge.  It was terribly sad to feel that way while outside it's summer and life goes on, but I am better now, and I intend to stay well.  All of my life plans went out the window this year, and if there's ever a silver lining, it is a new perspective.  My main and only goal forthwith is to make myself strong and healthy and fit and full of energy.  There's just so much to experience - the wonderful weather, garage sales in the neighborhood, weekend Farmers' Markets, playdates with the kids, pictures to be taken, sundresses to be worn, books to read and food to eat.  I'm back and I can't be more happy about it!

I took these with my phone recently when I first came out of the house and realized how great it is to simply be alive in the sun.

Happy Monday, peeps!  

P.S.  There's a Country Fest at the park this Sunday, and I enjoyed some good live tunes and line dancing.  I also visited the Belmont History Society and learned that Bruce Springsteen once resided locally.

Plus, a portrait of my two Great Loves, and another Super Halo.


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