A Three-nager in Action

Johnny is an amazing boy.  He is growing tall and handsome and smart before my very eyes, and  more mischievous every day.  His favorite things are all-things-on-wheels, popular science, running amok, the color pink, music, mac and cheese with the side of m&m's, playing with his baby brother (and his brother's baby toys), Maisy Mouse cartoons in French, and being outdoors.  His least favorite things are napping, broccoli, sharing his toys, listening to his Mom, and not having his demands met right now.  When it comes to life, there are so many things I want to figure out, but a three year old is no mystery.  Johnny talks back like a teenager but cries like a baby, and it's exhausting and awesome all at the same time.

Pictured here at the doctor's office, playing a game of 'hot lava'.

And a few quotes to go with it:

"The lemur has annoying eyes."

Johnny: Mommy, you are fat.
Me: Is that a good thing?
Johnny: Yes, it's good, but it's creepy... 'Booby-trap' is a strange word.

"I'm sad. I'm sad because you took my lovie away. I'm so very sad!"

Johnny: Mugger mugger mugger.
Me: What's a mugger, Johnny?
Johnny: It's a little space submarine.

"I want to save animals who are scared of something."


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