Que Sera, Sera

I had two rolls of 35 mm film lying around for months and in light of my upcoming "mommy-cation" I decided to finally load it my cameras and see what I can capture when I arrive at Monterey next Monday.  Some of these images are from Mother's Day - John gave me a gorgeous bunch of white roses - and the rest are from this evening.  It rained a little today, and the light was amazing, very subdued and flat, just perfect for portraits.  And since I had no one to photograph other than my cat and my cameras, you get the following furry still life.  Enjoy!


  1. уляляяяя, имай милост бе, Боби, какво е това боке...!!! това аналогово тяло ли е, лелеее....а обективът? speechless съм...

    1. Ееее, ти пък ;) Ами че това ми е стария доверен 50мм обектив, f/1.8, с тялото D7100 (мисля, че в таговете е описано). Просто пробвах по-контрастна обработка, и светлината беше много плоска, та се получи добре :) Благодаря!!!


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