Monterey on Film, Part 2

These are the images I took with my Zenit E on a Kodak Portra 800 film.

This film is outstanding, and I like it much better than the Fuji. The tones are softer, more natural, and with such insanely high ISO levels, the sensitivity is striking even when the camera is old and the lens itself isn't as sharp. 

The Zenit is my favorite film camera that makes the sweetest bokeh.  It is overly simple to use and it makes photos that have a very  specific old-school, dated feel.  However, I had to down-rate the film, which means that I shot at a lower ISO than the film was originally rated (that's the opposite of "pushing" it), simply because the Zenit does not have an 800 setting.

My favorite are ALL of them, and if you think you are seeing images you recognize from before, this is true.  I shot the roses both with the DSLR and the analog Nikons, and I captured Julian on the bed with Shelby with my phone before.

P.S. There are some major light-leaks going on here, but I have no idea how that happened...


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