I spent three wonderful days by myself in Monterey this week.  I had breakfast in bed, coffee at the roof garden, bubble baths, and red wine by the fireplace; I hung out on the beach, and took long walks along the coastline to Pacific Grove; I visited the Wharf and admired baby seals and sea lions;  I bought a vinyl Nirvana record from an actual record store and I got immersed in the history of the town and the heritage of Steinbeck.  I took photos and had a cocktail-infused dinner at Hula's, and I slept in for the fist time in many, many months.  It was amazing, and I recommend a mommy-cation to all women out there who need some time off the sweet but tiring routine of parenthood.

These here are the iPhone images, the film shots from my analog cameras are coming soon.


  1. прекрасно е всичко... мястото, снимките, ... прилича на Италия :) а къде е всъщност?
    успя ли да отдъхнеш, да си събереш мислите, или пък да ги разпилееш :) хубаво е това с мамиканцията :)

    1. Благодаря, Алекс!!! Това е Монтерей, Steinbeck Country :) Добавих location в поста, можеш да го видиш на картата. Монтерей ми е най-любимото място след Ловеч :)))) Успях, ама за кратко. Явно е обаче, че без труд няма ваканция, и тя не е толкова сладка, ако не си се изморил първо!


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