At Play in Monterey

This Monday John drove me to Monterey for my mini-vacation and, of course, the kids tagged along.  We stopped at Dennis the Menace Park and I followed Johnny around as he went absolutely wild on the swings and play-structures (which were quite impressive).  I get easily bored with playgrounds but this was an adventure on its own, reminiscent of John's own childhood.  Also, the weather was pretty awesome and so was the giant black locomotive sitting in the middle of a galore of the bridges, mazes, slides and sandboxes as big as my back yard.

My favorite part of those trips, however, will always be the way Johnny and Julian hold hands in the back of the car during the ride.  It's the "awww" factor all the way.


  1. ама толкова сте сладки на последната снимка :))))
    и малкото с двете зъбчета, хиххх:))))

    1. Зъбите са седем!!!! И голям зор докато излязат..... :)


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